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What’s Included

We offer a 30 or 60 minute consultation with an International US tax expert, who can advise you on:

  • Tax implications of renouncing your US citizenship or Green Card
  • Strategies to minimize or avoid exit tax
  • Pre-immigration tax planning before becoming a US permanent resident (Green Card holder)
  • Setting up business structures to leverage stepped up basis of assets before immigrating to the United States

Should you decide to retain Global Expat Advisors, the fee for the initial consultation will be credited to your first bill.

What to Expect

Prior to the consultation, we will ask you to provide some information for your specific situation and needs, so we can prepare accordingly. (After booking the consultation, you will receive a secure questionnaire.)

During the consultation, you will receive actionable advice and guidance for your specific situation from a tax and structuring expert with professional certification, not a marketing person.

From there you can engage Global Expat Advisors to implement these discussed steps, implement the plan yourself, or book more consultations with us as needed.

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