Services for Entrepreneurs & Corporations

We offer a full range of offshore services for small international companies, completely virtual businesses, and entrepreneurs who are just starting to formalize their business.

Our Services

Offshore business structuring

We help you devise an offshore businesstrategy and select the best jurisdiction and type of company for your specific situation.

The strategy takes into account international tax planning to make your offshore plan both cost effective and tax optimized.

Self-directed IRA

Self-directed IRAs offer great flexibility as they allow for alternative investment options, such as real estate, private equity, etc. In other words, it allows you to make investments in areas you know and have more control over.

We can set up a self-directed IRA for you and prepare all required tax filings.

Offshore bank account

We can set up offshore bank accounts for both your personal and business banking needs. Some accounts can be opened remotely while others require an in person meeting with the bank.

We help determine which banks will be a good fit for your banking needs and facilitate the account opening.

International trust

A few jurisdictions worldwide offer international trust laws that protect assets of individuals and businesses from civil creditors.

We walk our clients through the entire process and work with our legal team to create iron clad asset protection trusts that represent the client’s wishes for estate planning going forward.


We advise clients on crypto taxation, offshore banking and related cryptocurrency topics.

Global Expat Advisors also accept payments for our offshore services in Bitcoin.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico offers incredible tax incentives for both individuals and companies.

We help clients understand the benefits and limitations that Puerto Rico Acts 20 and 22 offer and determine if this or a different tax strategy is right for them.

US tax services

As a full service tax firm through our sister company Online Taxman, we provide a full range of tax preparation services for businesses, trusts and individuals, including individual tax returns for employees.

Opportunity zones

Opportunity Zones offer tremendous opportunities for investors looking for tax breaks and for entrepreneurs looking for funding.

We work both on the investor and the fund side, register Qualified Opportunity Funds, ensure reporting and tax compliance, and provide tax preparation services.