Should you be moving to Puerto Rico to save tax?

moving to puerto rico tax benefits

Published May 2019, updated July 2020 Puerto Rico offers tremendous tax incentives for its residents. Of course, you would have to meet certain requirements to become a Puerto Rico resident and be eligible for those low taxes. Are the tax benefits worth moving to Puerto Rico? This is Part Two … Read More

Transfer pricing study – Avoid tax trouble and improve strategic planning

A tax optimized international business structure often includes two or more companies in different jurisdictions controlled by the same owner. When those related companies do business with each other, performing a transfer pricing study is a necessity. Transferring goods and services between companies under common control without a transfer pricing … Read More

What to do with your offshore company when moving back to the US?

offshore company business move USA

An offshore company can make great sense when you live abroad. Not only is the foreign business incorporated where you are. An offshore company controlled from outside the US also affords significant tax savings. But what to do with your offshore business when moving back to the US? Can you … Read More

How to save taxes with the right offshore business structure

offshore business structure tax savings

Many websites advertise the tax savings of going offshore. An offshore business structure is not just for the Apples and Googles of the world. Even small business owners and solo entrepreneurs can benefit. $20,000 tax savings with the right business structure Let’s look at an example of an entrepreneur with … Read More

7 Costly mistakes to avoid when setting up a business abroad

common mistakes setting up business abroad offshore structuring

Setting up a business abroad in the right way can save you significant money, among other benefits. However, we often see entrepreneurs making the same costly mistakes when going offshore. Here we share a list of seven common mistakes, so you know what to watch out for. 1. Choosing the … Read More